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The AMICOR Company was established in 1980 and, from the beginning, it was a family-run business. During the 1980’s, the company began to grow, and during the 1990’s, it became one of the leading enterprises in the sartorial trade.

We have acquired, as regular customers, well-known Companies within Europe – Fashion Houses, such as: GERRY WEBER, BLACKY DRESS- Berlin, JEAN PAUL, IRIS BAYER, ZAPA, POSITIV, PYRAMID, EVELIN BRANDT, TULPEN DESIGN, SAI SO, MAYER-Berlin, EVA MINGE, Axel Delikat, and others..


We specialize in the sewing of cloaks, coats, jackets, trousers, dresses, shirts and skirts from all types of fabrics, as well as leather and fur. Workmanship and professionalism of our employees allows us to create technologically complicated solutions of designers.

We have a large sense of responsibility for the created products, we are characterized by the highest quality of production that was entrusted on us, as well as its promptness.

Our company also deals with re-sewing primary stencils for fair collections, as well as computer preparation of the production, i.e. stencil graduation and digitalization. We also have computer embroidery to our disposal. All of this is in order to service our customer completely and extensively. We are the owners of the manufacturing plant in the centre of Szczecin, with a specialist machinery complex.

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